Designer Sunglasses in Kingston

Etnia Barcelona


 The designer eye wear brand is the finest of Barcelona with the highest quality of lenses in the world and a one-of-a-kind experience in the creation of the colors.  Buy your next pair of designer sunglasses in the Kingston or Greater Napanee area. 



 Designed in Montreal, African inspired Bohten produces designer quality eyeglasses made from reclaimed material sourced from Ghana. 



 Combining a bold front with sleek temples in a mid-sized frame, the Montana brings big performance to the biggest skies. 

Ray Ban


 Ray-Ban® is the global leader in premium eyewear market. 



 Vuarnet-the best mineral glass and polarized sunglasses made in France since 1957. 

Nano Vista


 The Nano Block Blue Vista lenses offer the best compromise between  maximum protection against HEV rays and sharp, natural color perception. 

Designer Sunglasses in Kingston

 Shop your favorite brands of sunglasses and glasses including Ray-Ban, Di Vildi, Bohten, Vuarnet and more at STR8eyes Vision Care in Kingston.   Sunglasses are a necessity whether you're camping, boating or cycling.   Here we link you to the top sunglass brands on the market. From high-fashion, to casual, to sporty shades they're all right here.