Sports Frames In Kingston


Sport Eyewear

Sport eyewear (protection) is of the utmost importance. An eye sport injury can to some extent be life changing. It can result in eye alignment issues, surgery, long term eye drops etc. As a result an unexpected eye injury can change the direction and career choices for the child in the future.

We have a passion for top level performance to help you play to play better and for eye safety. We are here to educate you on the risks many sports pose to the eyes and help guiding you in finding the right sports glasses to both protect your vision and increase your performance.

Better play, better performance, better protection

There are various types of sports eyewear designed to not only protect your eyes and your vision, but to enhance your athletic performance.

Wearing eye wear that’s designed for sports has defined protective and performance benefits. 

Start today, protect your eyes in Kingston playing sports. Sports frames in Kingston or surrounding towns are a must for all types of sport activities.

Great Sports Eyewear

 Ultimately, great sports eyewear should offer at least some of the below:

•Venting systems to keep lenses from fogging up 

•Non-slip nose pads and rubber end pieces to keep glasses in place 

•Interchangeable lenses to allow for maximum optics and enhanced performance 

•Memory metal frames to tailor to your face shape for supreme comfort 

•Spring hinges to add comfort and flexibility 

•Impact and scratch resistant lenses with 100% UV protection 

•Polarized lenses to reduce glare  

Of course, choosing the perfect sports eyewear can be a daunting prospect, especially with all the options available today. If you want some personal, one-to-one advice from one of our sports eyewear specialists please visit our location in Kingston.

Swimmers can say goodbye to sore eyes and foggy vision with custom swim goggles, available in either prescription or non-prescription. All types of our sports eyewear are available in a variety of lens materials, including impact- and scratch-resistant polycarbonate.  For outdoor sports eyewear, try our new Vuanet.

 Enjoy sports to the fullest, with no worries about eye safety. Learn more about the benefits of protective sports eyewear for you and your kids.