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About Sally & The History of STR8eyes


Welcome to STR8eyes.  Our history begins after I finished my degree program. I have obtained my Opticianry degree and became a licensed optician in 2002.  Since then I have been fitting young children and adults with glasses,  safety glasses and contact lenses including soft and rigid contact  lenses for adults, kids and babies.Previous to obtaining my  Opticianry training, I obtained my training in Orthoptics. Orthoptics is  a specialized health profession in Ophthalmology that helps detect and  manage Strabismus, Amblyopia specifically in kids and babies and  diplopia (double vision). Properly fitted glasses with the correct  prescription and the proper position specifically for the paediatric  portion of the patients is often a problem and can often be a big  hindrance towards achieving the optimal vision and the targeted visual  goal. Visit STR8eyes Kingston Optical store specializing  in pediatrics & specializes in difficult to fit eye wear in  Kingston, Ontario.



About Our Shop

STR8eyes Vision Care has been in business for over 4 years bringing you fashionable frame choices with a nod to the environment.    STR8eyeves Vision Care is a small boutique in Canada, located right here in Kingston, Ontario.  Many of our fashion forward lines are harvested from local design talents in Toronto.  


What We Offer

Prescription Eyewear
Offering fashionable glasses that suit your lifestyle and your budget.  Your vision is important to us.      

We offer polarized sunglasses in prescription and non prescription.  Sure, you can get a tinted lens but we think you deserve the best, polarized.     

Contact Lenses
We order and fit Contact Lenses. Even the Hard to Fit ones. Contact lenses for astigmatism.  With STR8eyes, we can assist and find a successful and comfortable vision correction.
Please make an appointment to try contact lenses today!