Glasses In Kingston

Glasses for Babies

Photo: Baby glasses sold at STR8eyes Kingston.

Babies visual system is a growing and developing system, especially during the first few years of life.

Glasses for Kids

Kids glasses sold at STR8eyes vision care in Kingston

We often think of children as small adults therefore only needing smaller adult size glasses.

Glasses for Adults

Photo: Bohten Frames for Adults sold only at STR8eyes in Kingston.

Eyewear that has the most recent advances in optical science and technology.

Sports Glasses

 Sport eye wear (protection) is of the utmost importance.

 Sport eye wear (protection) is of the utmost importance. 


Keep up the glam and cut out the glare with sunglasses from STR8eyes Vision Care, Kingston.

 Keep up the glam and cut out the glare with sunglasses from Ray Ban, Montana, Vuarnet, Etnia Barcelona, Bohten, and more. 


Photo: Readers are sold at Str8eyes Vision Care in Kingston.

 We offer a wide array of glasses styles and colours in our boutique. For the latest glasses in Kingston or Contacts in Kingston visit STR8eyes today!


Glasses & Sunglasses

We would love for our patients and  clients to experience the warm, friendly and professional service  combined with fulfilling all their eyeglass needs and expert advice and  knowledge of the latest most advanced materials that offer the best  optics, UV coatings and optimum fit.  

Designer Frames Available

Woody Frames


  Woody Frames and sunglasses are made of 100% natural bamboo.  

Etnia Barcelona


  The designer eyewear brand is the finest of Barcelona with the highest quality of lenses in the world and a one-of-a-kind experience in the creation of the colors.

Di Valdi


 Di Valdi Eyewear High quality Designer sunglasses and ophthalmic. 



  For half a century, Ray-Ban® has been creating some of the trendiest eyewear designs, like the iconic Ray-Ban® aviators and wayfare  

Vera Bradley


  Vera Bradley's distinctive, colorful designs are translated into fashionable frames for women and girls.   




It is on the mountainous region of Kwahu, highest habitable place in Ghana that Bôhten began its journey.

 Whether it’s time for a new prescription or this is your first experience with corrective lenses you want someone experienced, well trained and knowledgeable to help you choose and fit your new glasses or glasses frames. At the STR8eyes Vision Care of Kingston we have the trained personnel and State of the art eqiupment to ensure you get the perfect glasses and the perfect fit. Whether you need prescription lenses for vision problems such as Cataracts or simply want a stylish pair of reading glasses, we’re here to put you at ease and answer all your questions about glasses and how they can enhance your life.